Handling Oily Wastewater and Preventing Contamination

We collect and process oily wastewaters from your oil/water separators and industrial processes

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Oily Wastewater Collection

Onsite Environmental collects and processes oily wastewaters from oil/water separators, industrial processes, and spill cleanup.

Cleaning and maintaining Oil/Water Separators is a core service that Onsite Environmental provides. We recover the hydrocarbon waste and transport it to one of our facilities where we then recover the reusable components for alternative fuels.

Oil/Water Separators are devices used to separate hydrocarbon waste from a variety of wastewater discharge. These devices are commonly used at transportation facilities and industrial installations. The effluent from oil/water separators is typically discharged to a sanitary sewer system. The discharge of domestic and industrial wastewaters is regulated under the Clean Water Act (CWA).

Properly designed, installed and operated oil/water separators provide a treatment system for handling oily wastewater that prevents the entry of unacceptable levels of contamination to a sanitary sewer system.

Why should you hire us as your service provider?

Regulatory Compliance.

Keeping you on schedule will ensure that you stay within compliance with your local regulatory authorities. We handle the entire process so you can focus on what matters; growing your business!

Proprietary Disposal.

We own and operate state-licensed pre-treatment facilities at all of our service locations ensuring legal, responsible handling of your grit trap material.

Emergency Service.

In addition to our routine maintenance program, we provide emergency response around the clock.

No Contract. Cancel at Anytime.

We are so confident in our service, we do not require service contracts. We want to earn your loyalty every day with our service, not a piece of paper.

What our customers think of us

Les H

Municipal Customer

A quality and caring company; dedicated to serving the public and our planet for all our environmental needs. Very dependable and always respectful of the customer's needs.

Dan H

Commercial Customer

I have partnered with the crew at Onsite for almost 20 years. From the office staff to drivers and plant operators, they have always been courteous and reliable. I have always received great customer service and assistance with my project needs.


Residential customer

Top notch service! Onsite really helped us by getting rid of the odors from our grease trap. They helped us avoid fees by getting us in compliance. They were punctual, friendly, and fast with their service. Great price and highly recommended!

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